Monday 22 September 2014

THE SAP: an explanation

Being a SAP is nothing special. There are a lot of us around.  This is not a status I have cultivated or tried to avoid. It came naturally without much effort on my part. But whatever the causes I still have things I would like to say and some of them will appear here.

Below is one of this sap's self portraits

A small book entitled SO SAID THE SAP has been printed and the words have been recorded as a spoken word CD

The book can be located at

The spoken words can be heard

If anyone does: thank you for listening


A recent song entitled So You Said You Would Build Me a Cabin received a very low rating from the Crowd Review facility which is provided (at a cost) by Reverbnation. This was not surprising although I do like the song and the sentiments expressed
As yet I have not been able to find or afford anyone who would like to provide an alternative backing - i have three so far which don't quite work. 
Of interest to me: i have never used the word 'folk's' in a song before and it is entirely outside my culture. I used it because it felt OK to try it and I also found it amusing
If anyone would like to try it for size it can be found on Bandcamp at