Wednesday 16 November 2016


The album ALONE ON THE ROAD is being prepared for release later this year 
It will be the third in the series of re-issues which are intended to illustrate something of the range of material which has been produced since I began trying to write songs - several decades ago

In deciding what images to use on the Digi Sleeve the one below was a candidate It has much in it that I like: not least the puddles. And this has prompted the question - at what age do we decide to avoid rather than explore them? 

And in finding a place for this left out image (it was the fifth in line for inclusion in the graphics for the album) a couple of puddles can also make an appearance

And not to be missed: on the telegraph pole a bald headed eagle can be seen watching over the scene.  It is looking across the water towards a shore line I remember well and which evokes fond and powerful memories of this very special place in my life

The approach to Masset Dock from Masset Main Street 
News of the album will be posted here as soon as I have any

Saturday 12 November 2016


A few tracks have been hanging around for weeks waiting for me to do something constructive about them Two of them were chucked on to Bandcamp as singles a while ago but they should probably be on there as part of an album - along with a few other tracks of a similar kind 

And I think I do have some others of a similar kind

The two that have been out there as singles are LET'S PUT LOVE IN THE BACK SEAT - FOR A WHILE and DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAN ME (The first of these has recently been played over twenty times on Radio Six International at 

Of the others ANOTHER DREAM has been arranged by Wild Biscuit Music And because the chorus is about a train pulling out of the station just before you get there - it is one of two OH NO tracks

The second OH NO track, called ALL THE WORDS OF LOVE, actually uses the words several times in the song. I may have spoiled the track by using a drum machine when it was recorded but sometimes I need a beat to keep going when I get weary trying to get a reasonable take Unfortunately the track then becomes less workable with by others

The four above mentioned tracks are npw on Bandcamp and the link is 
The intention is to add more until it becomes a full album

A long time ago I found an image for Love in the back seat and I have used it today on Bandcamp The ice skating rink is referenced in the first track 

About the words OH NO: as I was recording the track - and I did enjoy the experience which is rare for me - I became aware of how often I say them in my everyday life And they are uttered most often a few seconds after settling down to read or write at night on finding I don't have my reading glasses with me