Thursday 31 March 2016


This post is a revised version of an earlier one
The song Stay with it Baby - with a backing - will soon be on Bandcamp as part of the selection BLUES OF A SORT  

The lyrics were written by Joan Ure and there is more about her on my web site at

In thinking about an image I might use for the track I was unable to find the original words for the song as written or typed by Joan Ure  And as she was always very particular about the punctuation I have avoided writing them down anywhere 

But the words for the song were in my head and I am confident they are correct - although the emphases in the singing of them may not be as accurate as Joan Ure would have liked them to be

Also, as I wanted to use an image which was closely associated with her, I have chosen to use other words by her - as they were sent to me - on the paper on which she had typed them

Tuesday 29 March 2016


Here he is Newly devised Inclined to be expensive Often unavailable Capable of making a big difference  Almost always desirable

The idea of a MASTER DUBS arrived unsolicited one morning and it got attached to a clay figure I had made many years ago And he provided some fresh impetus to the never ending task (so it seems) of sorting the unsorted material

He changed the focus to two main categories of songs; those which were candidates for mastering and those which had been previously mastered - and which would benefit from some overdubbing And with those categories in place a third one appeared; songs which I might re-record. Three new folders were then created: FOR MASTERING, FOR DUBS and FOR RE-RECORDING

PS It was also good to discover that there once was a locomotive works in Glasgow Scotland called Dübs & Co. The link is below

Sunday 27 March 2016


It's not easy to describe this rather odd selection of material So far it is being referred to as a sample of old and very variable attempts at song writing: caution with occasional dog barks And that may be all that is required

It consists of tracks from PART ONE of the THE SEVENTY SIFT. It had been rechristened SO EASY TO PLEASE and when funds and energy allow a planned PART TWO will probably be produced

The tracks have now been tagged and uploaded onto Bandcamp as a complete album at

The photograph for the image is very poor quality but it is the only one I have of the dog who got lost - in the snow

Thursday 24 March 2016


The title SO EASY TO PLEASE is being considered for PART ONE of the SEVENTY SIFT

Unfortunately, when checking if anything similar had been used, I saw there was a Cold Play song called Easy to Please However as my easy to please is about a dog and belongs in a lyric written 6 years before Chris Martin was born, I am keeping it - for now


THE SEVENTY SIFT (a working title) will at last conclude the prolonged sorting of old tracks The outcome will be two CDs of acoustic only songs and included will be some of my earliest attempts at song writing The plan is to have a Part One and a Part Two with approximately 18 tracks in each

And, as the songs were in various states of repair, a main criteria when deciding on the final selection has been their sound quality 

It will be some time before Part One is ready to be heard but the selection is below There is a certain appeal in leaving the tracks in first line alphabetical order - with an exception 
I might change the position of 16 and 17 so that the concluding sound will be the dog bark 

1.  Back up from down 
2.  Blunt face man
3.  Did you sleep in the snow Mr Toast
4.  Education pays the nation
5.  For she comes with a bottle in her hand 
6.  From a tree a leaf came falling
7.  I am sorry your brother is almost dead
8.  I look you look
9.  I love sheep
10. I was sitting on the beach drinking a beer
11. I'm giving my head a rest
12. I'm giving up - with Mr Toast barking
13. It didn't mean a thing
14. My friend likes the country
15. Naked as the day I was born
16. Shall we go to Mexico - with dog bark at the end
17. Surely no it could not happen

Wednesday 23 March 2016

THE MISCELLANEOUS SIX - with no clicks

THE MISCELLANEOUS SIX consists of ten previously heard tracks - with no clicks in between - as one might hear them during a late night performance in a very sparsely attended venue

The playing time is 18 minutes plus some seconds

I came across them some months ago and got them mastered 

I was then faced with deciding what next - if anything - to do with them
The selection has been sitting on my desktop as other tasks took precedence - and anyway, as with some of the other material, I can only be interested in it when I am - interested in it

But it is another part of the sorting out process and I thought I should follow through and put it on Bandcamp (as a birthday card) and as a free download - which I will do later today

The above cobbled together image may be changed if I can think of a more suitable one