Wednesday 27 June 2018


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  Those They Chose by Sheila K Cameron

Those They Chose cover art

Artist: Sheila K Cameron
Title: Those They Chose
Catalogue Number: Glalell SKC1708CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

What can you say about an enigma like Sheila K Cameron? Quite a lot actually but little of it would make sense of her place in the music scene of today. Her new album “Those They Chose” is a compilation of - if not quite a “best of” – her songs that might nonetheless serve as a suitable introduction to her convoluted ways for those who seek more than the mundane.
In the fifty minutes or so of your life that this album will consume, you won’t hear anything that makes particular sense. Her lyrical style is more akin to oblique poetry than conventional song writing yet the expressed emotions remain as clear as the day. I regard that as the mark of an original and, perhaps as a consequence of so determinedly following her own path, these sixteen songs often seem more spiritual than personal or commercial.
Listening to these songs again reinforces the fact that Sheila K Cameron has, by some magic, given them a life of their own that transcends the boundaries of any medium of recorded sound and, whilst my choices for a compilation would have been different, your heart would indeed have to be refrigerated to avoid the intoxication found in “Drink To Me Only” and “The Water is Deep”. Not many people can haunt you with a song but she can.
An enigma. An original. There is only one Sheila K Cameron.

Tuesday 26 June 2018


Originally posted on February 6th 2018 and now moved to the top of the page on  June 24th 2018

MOXIE is BACK and can be found on and on Bandcamp

This post is an updated version of an oldone but the question below remains an important one i.e. have you ever been searching for your spectacles to discover you have them on your head?  

Important because it gave me the idea for the very basic image below Well, first of all I thought Moxie would be a good name for a cat, then I chose for a backdrop a location where long ago I think I still had some moxie and then I produced a badly drawn van and placed an equally badly drawn cat on the roof of the Moxie Search Van 

Moxie Search Van - roughly drawn as if by someone who had lost their moxie

Moxie (n.)
''courage' 1930, from Moxie, brand name of a bitter, non- alcoholic drink, 1885, perhaps as far back as 1876 as the name of a patent medicine advertised to 'build up your nerve':; despite legendary origin stories put out by the company that made it, it is perhaps ultimately from a New England Indian word (it figures in river and lake names in Maine, where it is apparently from Abenaki and means 'dark water')

Monday 25 June 2018


A relocated image 

Previously used on Bandcamp and being safeguarded on here

And some advice: I have been informed that when feeding birds with raisins there should be a close supply of water nearby It has also been suggested that sultanas are more moist and more suitable 

Tuesday 5 June 2018


After completing the six re-issues of songs (plus the seventh of spoken words) it was time to concentrate on the other material which had accumulated

And that was the plan until the idea took hold of putting together a selection of the tracks which had been played by Women of Substance Radio and Podcast at 

Most of the songs had been included on previous CDs and the proposed 'new' selection was viewed as a top up, more of a sample of songs than a continuation of the re-issue project 

And so it is:THOSE THEY CHOSE is nothing much more than a SIMPLE SAMPLE OF SONGS It's usefulness may lie in the songs reaching places they have not been before along with the hope that they will enjoy the journey and that a few of them will be well received when they get there