Thursday 23 February 2017


Lyrics for Go 'Way from My Window by John Jacob Niles

Go 'way from my window
Go 'way from my door
Go 'way, way way from my bedside
And bother me no more
And bother me no more

I'll give you back your letters
I'll give you back my ring
But I'll never forget my own true love
As long as songbirds sing
As long as songbirds sing

Go on tell all your brothers
Tell all your sisters too
That the reason why my heart is broke
Is on account of you
Is on account of you

Go on your way, be happy
Go on your way and rest
But remember dear, that you are the one
I really gave the best
I really gave the best

Go 'way from my window
Go 'way from my door
Go 'way, way way from my bedside
And bother me no more
And bother me no more
And bother me no more

Writer: J. J. Niles


In many ways the songs on PAST LOVES are no more than remembered remnants from a past life And, with GO AWAY FROM MY WINDOW, it is difficult to know if I ever knew more than the two verses I sing on the album

However, in preparing the track for release it became necessary to locate the composers of the songs and that task brought me to the door of John Jacob Niles

I suspect he is very well known to folk singers throughout the world But as I have never really been one I knew nothing about him until now Of course I wish I had known about him sooner and I would very much have liked to know the complete lyric

GO AWAY FROM MY WINDOW has been recorded by many others but I would recommend the very real performance of this superb song by the man who wrote it

There's not much to say about my own bit performance but I will feel better about it if it becomes in any way responsible for introducing others to JOHN JACOB NILES

Below the image is more information about him and the song It was taken from Wikipedia 

Composer, collector, and balladeer John Jacob Niles, was born in Louisville, Kentucky April 28, 1892.
 Niles came from a musical family. His great-grandfather was a composer, organist, and cello manufacturer; his mother, Lula Sarah Niles, taught him music theory. In 1904, Niles's family moved to a farm in rural Jefferson County where John Jacob began collecting folk music. By 1907, Niles composed his first song, "Go 'Way from My Window," based on a line of song collected from an African American farm worker.

Concerning "Go 'Way From My Window," John Jacob Niles wrote:

"In 1908 my father had in his employ a Negro ditch-digger known as Objerall Jacket. As he dug, he sang, "Go way from my window, go way from my door" -- just those words, over and over again, on two notes. Working beside Jacket all day (I was sixteen at the time), I decided that something had to be done. The results were a four-verse song dedicated to a blue-eyes, blond girl, who didn't think much of my efforts. The song lay fallow from 1908 to 1929, when I arranged it and transposed to a higher key. "Go 'way from My Window" was first sung successfully in Berlin, Germany, in 1930. It has gone a long way since.

The lyrics for the song are on the next post and the link is

Monday 20 February 2017

PAST LOVES - with a bit more polish

The fourth album in the series of re-issues is PAST LOVES
It will be re-appearing in a newly designed digi sleeve

The encouragement to make this the fourth in the series came again from a preferred source - unsolicited comments from strangers

It will be available as usual on BANDCAMP but this selection and the previous three re-issues will soon also be accessible on itunes and Amazon 

The official release date will be March 7th 2017 but it is now available to be pre-ordered at

Wednesday 15 February 2017


Yesterday, late in the day, I added IN PRAISE OF LOVE to the words I had posted for St Valentine's Day They have all now gone back into hiding 
The 24 second spoken word recording on BANDCAMP has also been removed and will hopefully re-emerge another time
The image is being allowed to stay

Friday 10 February 2017

CRYING OUT INDEED- with delight!

There is a - what will I call it -  can't find the word - review on
I was made aware of its existence this morning and after an unsettling read I have been wandering around, no wondering aloud - again - if it has anything to do with me! But it has and I feel very honoured to have someone write such positive things about what I do

It can be found at

The comments in the review also fully recognize how much the tracks are indebted to GEOFF ALLAN, master sound engineer, BRIAN MCNEILL who contributed in many ways to the tracks - including the chorus of the song Alone on the Road, FRASER SPIERS the incomparable player of the blues harp and BRIAN YOUNG, owner extraordinaire of the CAVA SOUND STUDIOS GLASGOW who has patiently dealt with my often idiosyncratic requests with good grace and much expertise for several years now

The photograph below is from the home page of the Cavasound web site and the link is 

The Neve VR Legend at CavaSound

The title of this post is taken from the last paragraph of the review and I am smiling somewhat awkwardly as I reproduce it 

'Sheila K Cameron is a unique artist whose work deserves a wider audience. Her songs cry out to be heard and will no doubt be reinterpreted by singers of the future. This album is a little treasure trove for lovers of the quirky, the downbeat, the blues'.
Su O’Brien

The link to the album on Bandcamp is

Wednesday 8 February 2017


There have been several different versions and mixes of the song BENEATH THE APPLE TREE and the latest one has acquired the differentiating title used in this post
It is unlikely to stick but for now it suits present purposes

Also, putting it out today is another example of my 'jumping the gun' The longer term plan is to include it in a selection of the songs which were not included in the three re-issues completed so far

However, this new mix is fresh from the mastering magician and the tendency to get a newly completed track out there is not being resisted And there is another reason Since I rediscovered this version several weeks ago it has refused to leave me alone and this might rescue me from it

The link to the song on Bandcamp is
and it will be free there for a while
 Vaguely resembling the writer and the singer of the song
The image is a mock up which has been contrived from a painting called THE BARE TREE And, in the original painting, the tree is bare 

This image has been used and altered numerous times for other purposes A print taken from the original is featured on the home page of the GLALELL site at

The apple was added to this version of the image long ago
have been times when it did not merit a place but whenever it has made an appearance it has always been cherished - for as long as it has stayed around

Tuesday 7 February 2017


AMAZING! It was either in search of an image to use on BANDCAMP alongside Joan Ure's song EVERY TIME NOW* - or it was a search involving the words Dangerous Women (more about this another time) that I came across the following link

It will take you to a page entitled THE DANGEROUS WOMEN PROJECT 
The image below is also from that site

I have read only two articles about Joan Ure's work: this one and Jan McDonald's entitled ‘Is it not possible to have a Poem made out of Theatre?’ An assessment of the dramas and dramaturgy of Joan Ure 
This can be accessed using the link below

For anyone who would like to know more about Joan Ure's work I would recommend both

* A rough acoustic only version of the song Everytime Now can be heard on Bandcamp at