Monday 21 September 2015


Where to begin? And as I am uncertain about that I will write a few words and see where they take me although I suppose the title of the post has already set the direction

I decided a few days ago to make a book of the blog and am in the process of doing that The title at the present time, unsurprisingly, is 
                                          SO SAID THE SAP
                                         A BOOK OF THE BLOG
                                                PART ONE
The decision to make the book at this time was influenced by the wish for it to end with the photograph of Vicki Anne Bragan

Saturday 12 September 2015


Vicki in Moon Over Naikun 
   Below is a recent message from Vicki
'And as one Inuit elder says to male prisoners he works with, "when you're having a struggle, borrow a good memory from your past to sit with while you work out what's next in your life." '

Tuesday 8 September 2015


There is a reference to white headed birds in the spoken word track REMEMBERING MR TOAST And although at the time of writing I had avoided describing them as bald headed eagles I did know what they were and was aware that they alighted on places other than the highest trees

I now have some recent photographic proof of two of those 'other places' 

                                             Eagle having a paddle

                                                     Eagle on a telegraph pole 

The words from the track which can be heard on Bandcamp belong on Haida Gwaii - which was the birth place of Mr Toast - and they belong particularly to the stretch of road heading south from Masset as it approaches the former Bottle and Jug Works, a Pottery in Tlell

There was rain all around outside
The car moved through it like a dream machine
A strong wind tore at the sea
And a memory of you
Tore into the heart of me

And with it came the kind of tears
That feel sore behind your eyes
That you need to cry out until the last one’s gone
That you need to cry out to move on

And I thought I’d let you go
I thought I’d reached a dried-up place
Like a desert in which life’s old past hurts
Would fade and be erased

Then the rain had ceased
And white-headed birds
Re-alighted on the highest trees
The sea had been covered with a sheet of silver foil
And the memory of you became a song for me

And the road was more like a river than a road
It was more like a river than a road

The last line of the words also provided the title for the EP MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN ROAD And REMEMBERING MR TOAST is the second last track on the EP  

The link to the EP is

The link to the single track REMEMBERING MR TOAST is