Wednesday 5 November 2014


This post is a follow up to the previous one entitled The FLUKE and OLD GOES at writing songs. The words Making Mud are from one of the songs referred to below.

After a gap of several weeks I decided to listen again to the one hundred and fifty tracks and from these I selected thirty seven. Some of them were songs
I like but I chose them only if I thought the recordings might be capable of having their sound quality professionally improved.  Also, as I made the selection, I decided I would probably make a CD of those which survived the process. If that had been part of my original thinking I had not been aware of it. 

Several of the recordings are extremely quiet and others will require some de-essing but the temptation for me to increase the volume or mess about with them in anyway has been avoided.

One track, which had previously been mastered and which I hope to get worked on as single - one of these days - has been sidelined. The remaining thirty six are now in a computer folder - as yet with no overall title - awaiting my decision to submit them to a studio. There are probably a few others that could be worked on as singles but, for now, they are being left where they are.

The final selection for the CD and the order of the songs will be decided on after the mastering has been completed.  It will also be very much influenced by the engineer's opinion on which tracks, in relation to their sound quality, are the best ones.