Friday 19 December 2014


The song I wanted to have out there this Christmas did not work out as hoped for. Nothing unusual about that. But I do have another that mentions Christmas and it has been on Bandcamp - but along with a different image.

I also have some interesting comments to offer on this track. Well I find them interesting others may not. Nothing unusual about that!

But first the image: it is a drawing of the Lizzie mentioned in the song in the company of the splendid Mr Toast of Glasgow and Tlell 

And before I get to the comments here is the link to the song

Now the comments
There is a site called Reverbnation which offers all sorts of services for song writers and musicians. And although I do not like the fact that they encourage/entice one into making use of their various facilities without putting the costs up front I do use it occasionally. And it has been of benefit to me. 

I have no recollection of having submitted Two Inches Tall to the IAMA awards through their site but the track did exceedingly well. None of my other occasional submissions have been accepted.

The other enjoyable activity on their site is to pay ten bucks for a Crowd Review. And I have tried this with several songs. The only one to do really well i.e. achieve a score which indicates it might be good enough to be played on the radio has been WHERE THE LAST TIDE RUNS. The score was 8.4.

That is the lead in to making it known that the track NO I DON'T SEE LIZZIE ANYMORE scored an unimpressive 5.8. So the score was disappointing but some of the comments from those who reviewed the track were a delight. And if you read them you may doubt the sincerity of that remark. I can't explain exactly why - and my position is not a defensive one - but I found even the most derogatory remarks either amusing or interesting.

They can be read on the next post entitled NO FUTURE POTENTIAL