Saturday 16 January 2016


Many months ago I unexpectedly received a track from the exceedingly generous and gifted John Saich and Mags Russell of WILD BISCUIT MUSIC  It was an arrangement of a small song of mine originally called Loneliness but now entitled TELL ME THAT NOW

And anyone who knows anything of my material will be aware how highly I rate WBM and how fortunate I feel to have had many of my songs arranged by them For me, each and every time, on first hearing, their arrangements have sounded just right

The arrangement for TELL ME THAT NOW is an example But while their contribution was excellent there were technical problems with the vocal and it has not been possible to make the track available - until now

Then, a few weeks ago I contemplated using it - and its title - for a selection of some of those songs which still had no set home to go to A few of them have been out and about before as single tracks on Bandcamp but I am hoping they will enjoy their time together on the same site 
The plan is to get them there soon

The man in the photograph appeared alongside the track LOWLANDS when it was initially uploaded to Bandcamp It showed him at an earlier time in his life 
I described him then and will again as 'not my love but a man I loved' The song LOWLANDS is included in the selection TELL ME THAT NOW

For anyone who would like a bit more information this post is followed by another entitled TELL ME MORE