Sunday 12 June 2016


This song has had four titles so far but for this post I am using GO BUY YOURSELF A SUBARU

If Janis Joplin could sing about wanting a Mercedes then I can certainly sing about wanting a Subaru - which I do and did. I saw it as a possible remedy for feelings of lost love. It has still to be tried. 

The photograph I used with one of the previous tiles is a very old one It was taken on the first journey I ever made to Haida Gwaii 

And I need to explain that when I wrote the words it was not my intention to advertise Subaru cars  The reason for mentioning 'a Subaru' as indicated above was personal. 

When referring to the acoustic only version in a previous post I had suggested that it would probably be much more appealing to more people if it had a backing And I am delighted to say that it now has one. This was provided by the superb John Saich and Mags Russell of Wild Biscuit Music 

The song can be heard on Bandcamp

What now follows is more of the text from the previous post

This song undoubtedly belongs in Canada and it makes reference to Haida Gwaii and the Sea-to Sky Highway The latter is not on the direct route from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii but it would get you on your scenic way north This fact was not a consideration when I wrote the lyric

There are many beautiful photographs of the Sea to Sky Highway and of Haida Gwaii and some of these can be see in the links below