Sunday 5 March 2017


Following on fast from PAST LOVES comes a spruced up RUN THROUGH SIDE A with the subtitle 'another one -off ' And rather than implicating strangers in my decision to re-issue this particular selection the culprits on this occasion are good friends And this is in spite of having tried very hard never to be swayed by their opinion 

But for this album, an almost thirty minute run through of eighteen unrehearsed tracks, those long adhered to restraints have been discarded and as a consequence it has become the fifth re-issue in the series

Also, along with it, has come the discovery that the most enjoyable aspect of preparing the re-issued tracks for release may be the designing of their new attire

For me yesterday, and after days of messing about with the images, it was a delight to see the graphics completed and ready for the printer It felt like the equivalent of standing back as a child to admire a carefully made and well decorated sandcastle And for the album, rather than shells, stones and bits of grass, i had needed images

Those which were used for this album are from the same source as for previous versions of RUN THROUGH - a painting entitled THE FALL BY THE DUCK POND But, as I think will be evident when it has been released (and the image above is only part of the 'picture') there are distinct differences

The album is now available to be pre-ordered from Bandcamp at 

The image below is a copy of the therapeutically influenced back cover of the digi sleeve in which the CD will reside