Saturday 15 April 2017


An old Bunny review recently discovered and a new one only discovered when trying to relocate the old one 

Blues Bunny, for anyone who knows nothing or not much about them can be found at the following link And for anyone who would like to know more about the music being made and played in Glasgow and thereabouts this is the site to visit

The older review first

Title: More Like A River Than A Road
Catalogue Number: Glalell Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2016

Perhaps it is a sign of the times but I don’t often get to describe any musician as individual or, for that matter, unique. Sheila K Cameron can, however, only be described by using those two adjectives with “More Like A River Than A Road” reflecting seven songs from a copious catalogue of songs on to the mirror of today.
Sheila K Cameron is not one to follow trends or seek critical favour and her songs, perhaps unsurprisingly, tend more towards the poetic than the lyrical. She also has this rather addictive habit of stopping her songs before the finish as if leaving the listener in limbo gives her some perverse joy. Some may well find that irritating but, as with all things that require concentration to achieve appreciation, her alternative approach ultimately proves entrancing.
It is, for example, impossible for your heart to argue with the perfectly poised sentimentality that warms “The House with the Windows” or, indeed, the poetic construction of “Somehow” as, at the very least, they provide evidence that you can intermix language and emotion without becoming maudlin or confused as to actual intent.
Sheila K Cameron is unique and that, my friends, is all you really need to know.
This mini album is available on Bandcamp

And the newer one

Title: Run Through Side A
Catalogue Number: Glalell SKC1705CD
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Like most things regarding Sheila K Cameron, this CD just sort of appeared as if blown in through the door by the random breeze that is the Post Office these days. No announcement of intent, no marketing blurb, no hint of purpose. Just a CD called “Run Through Side A” and a piece of paper that managed to generate obscurity through honesty.
So what is on the actual CD? Sheila K Cameron is a true character and she always seems determined to both avoid any accusation of seeking adoration and to weave the spell that only those with the soul of a poet can. Therefore these songs, all performed acoustically with the very minimum of musical backing, are lyrical obscurities in themselves with even my familiarity with her catalogue of curiosities confused by the rambling stream of consciousness that transcends the conventionalities that would be expected by even educated to the point of pretension audiences.
Purpose? Who knows? Nonetheless, Sheila K Cameron remains someone that even the battle hardened would want to hear.

Reviewer: Bluesbunny
Review Date: 
April 9, 2017