Friday 26 June 2015


In the post THE FOOT THUMPING FIFTH I refer to my latest attempt at song making but do not mention the title. I declare now that it is called GO ON THEN (GOT for short)

It has been mastered as an acoustic only track and that might prove to be the only professional treatment it receives. But a few minutes before writing this post I realized how foolish I had been. And as a consequence of that foolishness I had been denying the track what it has been calling out for

It was a piano that gave the song a tune and it is a piano that the song requires to satisfy its innermost needs

Why describe myself as foolish? Alas, because I have been ignoring my own words and my own instincts while setting off down a path that, however I walked it, could only take me further from the desired outcome i.e words and sounds joined together in a mutually complementing relationship

So, GOT IT for GOT is the title of this post because I had suddenly got it that the song GO ON THEN, was eager to be out there but only if it could be accompanied by a piano

And in a note to myself I have concluded that sometimes one has to get lost to have any hope of being found