Sunday 19 July 2015


It could be that I have spent more hours looking for a book in which to make notes and write songs than I have spent writing the notes and the songs

Over the years many have come close to what I wanted but they were either too heavy or the lines were too far apart or the edges were too sharp or they did not fit comfortably alongside the pens I usually carry - in the bag I usually carry 

Then, last week, I found the book which is featured in the image below and because this blog is about songs and images I have used it to combine a photograph and some words - as can be seen below

The words for OUT OF THE WILDS are the first to be written in the new book The photograph of Clouds over the Rockies has been superimposed on the inside cover

And with those comments I can now prepare the post which will follow this one 

Once the words in the book had been recorded as a spoken word track and left to cool for a while I felt they were in need of some companionship

Of the companions I chose one track is old and one is new  There will be more about them in the next post 

In some respects what I want to say there is also related to a search - but of a different kind The title of the post has not yet been settled but SAD SADDER AND SANE has been considered

The three tracks may also be uploaded to Bandcamp