Friday 31 July 2015


Most of the time I am content to continue with the activity of writing words in a notebook, rediscovering old lyrics and songs, re-engaging with recent ones and deciding on the songs that, if I had sufficient funds, I would like to arrange to have arranged - albeit with the associated problem of getting the arranger I would like to do the arrangement

And the initial aim of getting some of the material out there and heard has I suppose been achieved Perhaps for myself, I should check up on the various sites and record some of the details of that achievement at this stage of the endeavour But it will not happen soon

I am assisted in my rather lackadaisical attitude by my daily visits to Tony Currie's Radio Six International at Because most days he uses one of my songs - at some time during the day or the night - and it has a most desirable and calming affect on how I view my creative exploits 

Also, over recent months I have chosen not to inform PRS of the material which I have written or which has subsequently been played on the radio And I have questioned my seeming lack of drive or interest in doing so The reasons are of an intertwined nature and it seems, as i write this, I am not motivated to untangle them! Although I can say that the main one is probably a lack of interest in what might be achieved

My main interest as far as I can understand it - is to be around should that one good and relevant -to -the -lives -of -others lyric arrive at my door 
To be around to receive it and be able to work on it (without spoiling the gift) and get it worked on by others  - by musicians - who will recognize its value and make it into something special - and that will last

And that I assume is the notion which inspires most makers of songs

Which leads me to mention a song which I hope will get worked on eventually by someone who has worked magic with other songs of mine 
It has been around for a long while but was recently mastered and in the meantime I am considering uploading it as a single acoustic track to Bandcamp 
Indeed all of the above words may only have been written to lead me to where I might say this and do that  

But I do also want to mention a lyric - I suppose it could be called that - which arrived at my door a few days ago 
It is my intention to record it - if it can be managed from this location -as a spoken word track as soon as possible More about this another time