Wednesday 18 November 2015


We met once and I am not sure how we were able to recognise each other
He was a man who probably had some say in the playing of my songs on the Iain Anderson Show But we somehow knew who we were when we saw each other for the first and only time - a few feet inside the doorway of the Waitrose store in Byres Road Glasgow

We stopped looked at each other and spoke He said something kind about my work - I probably thanked him for using some of my songs The conversation lasted for no more than a few minutes

And yet on hearing that I am never likely to meet him again in Glasgow or anywhere else in the world I experienced a very real sense of loss which goes way beyond what I knew of the man

The following photograph and text were used in a Facebook message from the
Iain Anderson Show and posting it here is a way of acknowledging him and saying thank you

And below is a link I came across today while searching for something entirely different There he was again!