Friday 4 December 2015


I will be using this post to declare that the song GO ON THEN, with an additional arrangement by WILD BISCUIT MUSIC, was uploaded to Bandcamp earlier today at

I will also be using it to express something of my good fortune in having found Wild Biscuit Music several years ago And I am reminded that when I was initially told about them their logo was the one below And as I was using an image of a dog called Mr Toast in the GLALELL logo (for what was to be my own song publishing company) I considered this to be an auspicious sign 
And so it has proved to be

Their logo has been updated but I have permission to use the one I knew and loved back then 

And now to say some more about THE BISCUITS 

They are - and this is no exaggeration - extra ordinary in what they do They are particularly rare in that you get no sense when communicating with them (or when experiencing the privilege of having them work on your material) that they are interested in anything other than the integrity of the music 

For me, in my efforts to get some of my material out there in a state that would make it worth listening to, they have been not only generous but immensely effective! 

If anyone has not heard their arrangement of WHERE THE LAST TIDE RUNS I can (without embarrassment about my own contribution) recommend a listen 

It is the last track on the album MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD (which also has six other tracks arranged by them) And they can all be heard on Bandcamp The link is

For those who would like to know more about THE BISCUITS, John and Mags, I would recommend a visit to their web site at  There is much more that could be said but it is probably best that I leave them to say it The text below is taken from their site 

Wild Biscuit is a production company, music label and hot-house of ideas for the creative industries. We are based in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, an area steeped in Celtic resonance yet only a short hop from the urban chic of Glasgow. Collaboration is our principle value, and we specialize in the unexpected.

Wild Biscuit people are
John Saich (guitarist, sound designer, producer). John was eleven years bass player and song writer with Scots Gaelic pioneers Capercaillie from 1987, appearing on eight albums (including Secret People, recorded by Blue Nile co-producer Calum Malcolm) and the band’s Top 40 single Coisich a Ruin. John has written and recorded music for television on BBC Scotland and Discovery, and worked as a musical director at Ullapool High School and as a tutor at the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music.

Mags Russell (composer, choreographer, photographer and producer). Mags has worked in both the commercial and voluntary sectors, and was producer, team leader and designer for MOVE, Wild Biscuit’s most successful cross-artform project. She was co-writer on the The Distance album and Stay Home EP (sharing lead vocal credits on the first and taking solo on the latter)

About the song GO ON THEN: it has been transformed by John and Mags from an acoustic only track into a 'proper' one 

About the image I am using here and on Bandcamp It is cropped from a photograph of strangers in the water on English Bay Vancouver As it made me laugh and the words of the song are rather sad I enjoyed having the two of them together

The feedback I have received so far from those who have now seen the image has been dominated by the word perplexed