Sunday 27 December 2015


GO ON THEN has now been given a Barcode and it can be found on CD Baby
Having a Barcode makes a song feel more official although I have not bothered acquiring one for other tracks for a long time 

But when I first I began to prepare my material for being 'out there' I often used CD Baby and I made quite a mess of what I put on there  What I saw recently made me groan 

Fortunately, I am likely to forget what I saw as I did not hang around The groan will be less easy to forget and I will not be revisiting the site again, for a while anyway

Never having posted a Barcode I will do so now along with the link to the song on the CD Baby site 

All that can be heard there is a sample from the track The full version (as indicated elsewhere) can be heard on Bandcamp at