Wednesday 23 March 2016

THE MISCELLANEOUS SIX - with no clicks

THE MISCELLANEOUS SIX consists of ten previously heard tracks - with no clicks in between - as one might hear them during a late night performance in a very sparsely attended venue

The playing time is 18 minutes plus some seconds

I came across them some months ago and got them mastered 

I was then faced with deciding what next - if anything - to do with them
The selection has been sitting on my desktop as other tasks took precedence - and anyway, as with some of the other material, I can only be interested in it when I am - interested in it

But it is another part of the sorting out process and I thought I should follow through and put it on Bandcamp (as a birthday card) and as a free download - which I will do later today

The above cobbled together image may be changed if I can think of a more suitable one