Thursday 24 March 2016


THE SEVENTY SIFT (a working title) will at last conclude the prolonged sorting of old tracks The outcome will be two CDs of acoustic only songs and included will be some of my earliest attempts at song writing The plan is to have a Part One and a Part Two with approximately 18 tracks in each

And, as the songs were in various states of repair, a main criteria when deciding on the final selection has been their sound quality 

It will be some time before Part One is ready to be heard but the selection is below There is a certain appeal in leaving the tracks in first line alphabetical order - with an exception 
I might change the position of 16 and 17 so that the concluding sound will be the dog bark 

1.  Back up from down 
2.  Blunt face man
3.  Did you sleep in the snow Mr Toast
4.  Education pays the nation
5.  For she comes with a bottle in her hand 
6.  From a tree a leaf came falling
7.  I am sorry your brother is almost dead
8.  I look you look
9.  I love sheep
10. I was sitting on the beach drinking a beer
11. I'm giving my head a rest
12. I'm giving up - with Mr Toast barking
13. It didn't mean a thing
14. My friend likes the country
15. Naked as the day I was born
16. Shall we go to Mexico - with dog bark at the end
17. Surely no it could not happen