Monday 11 April 2016


As the images below were being inserted in this post the songs from the selection were being mastered None of them are new And the idea of putting them together is an old one The vocals are not as I would like them to sound but I decided they 'would do'

I have also been preparing two images which might be used on a CD 

For the back cover there are two possible versions - both with mistakes in the text - see below Both use the names of the four guys who have been an immense help to me in getting some of my material out on the road They can be heard singing along on the track ALONE ON THE ROAD - which is why the title features on the front cover 


Both images will probably be tidied up a bit over the coming days 
And for now that is all I want to say about this selection - except

PS As two of the tracks now on this selection were recently uploaded to Bandcamp as singles they have been temporarily removed from there