Friday 1 April 2016


About the same time as I was reacquainting myself with the song STAY WITH IT BABY I was reminded of another blues I sang often - in the days when I sang often 
It is the very well known and often recorded Folk Blues YOU DON'T KNOW MY MIND 

Two verses were still very familiar to me (I don't recall ever knowing more than two) but after a hunt on-line for versions of the lyrics recorded by others I began to consider using a few additional words which felt right for me  Many of those I had found were out with my experience and I would have been unable to sing them with any conviction 

Those words are on the recording I eventually made of the song And recording them was almost enjoyable -  which is not my usual recording experience 
Also I did not spend hours trying to get a good take The one I have used arrived quite quickly and I decided  it 'would do' And after it had made a visit to Ca Va and been given some special treatment by Fraser Speirs and Brian Young it has been uploaded to Bandcamp 

The link to the song was but it has now been included in the selection entitled BLUES OF A SORT

P.S I have never been convinced that there was anything of value to others in my interest in writing and recording songs BUT singing this one did give me a certain feeling of release  And it would be excellent if that was a feeling that others might experience when singing along with it