Saturday 16 July 2016


Last Tide was submitted to Reverberation's Crowd Review in May 2014 and received a score of 8.4 The reviews are presented by the site as a means of letting you know if your music is ready for a mainstream audience. 'With descriptive reports and in-depth statistics, Crowd Reviews are a great way of knowing where your music's strengths and weaknesses lie'

How it works
You are advised to purchase a Crowd Review.
The songs are reviewed by an independent group of every day music listeners, and their reviews will be returned to you so that you may improve your music!

And if the ratings by the reviewers give you an overall track rating of 7.5 or above, you will become a ReverbNation featured artist.

It costs US$10 for twenty reviews and I have used it on several occasions for this and other songs Only Last Tide, of all those I have tried, received this score
And as I set out to more professionally present this songs and its pals on the small album MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD I am making this information known - perhaps as a defense against any negative responses

Many of the comments in the Crowd Reviews were positive but as indicated above I paid for - and got - twenty That's a lot of text so rather than adding it to this post it is getting a post of its own which will be entitled (using a comment from the reviews) FOR DANCING REAL CLOSE