Sunday 24 July 2016


Working out how to sell physical CDs on Bandcamp was not as difficult as I had anticipated And there is a lesson for me there What exactly it is will require more consideration than I intend to give it here

My present thoughts are that it was a good idea to get the songs out there properly Properly? Is that the right word? Well it does feel like a proper thing to be doing and my previous haphazard attempts - if not improper - were certainly lacking in the same purpose and intent 

So what was this post supposed to be about? The answer is a simple one 

In doing this I have been taking on myself and taking on the songs And by giving them the best opportunity I can to be heard - perhaps for the first time I am giving them the attention they may deserve

Also I have moved from inserting very small SKC initials in the images which usually accompany the tracks, to allowing the guy who designed the digi-sleeve (thanks Mike), to put my name out there in large easily read letters The image below is on the cover

About my expectations 
Well, I am assuming at least one or two of those who receive the CDs sent out by the PR company will listen to the songs And I am assuming that one or two of those who do listen will like what they hear - or not 

But whatever their response my own position is clear: in getting the songs out there in this more professional way I am doing what I needed to do

These comments will be posted shortly before the re-issue becomes available for download (as it was previously) or to be purchased as a physical CD 
And I am looking forward to that happening with few reservations and some unreserved delight 

A direct link to the album on Bandcamp will be posted on Monday July 25th

And here it is