Tuesday 16 May 2017


From Sap to Silly Goat and then who knows

But here's a little goat* from a painting I made after a dream in which I had met him - or it may have been a her- on a road somewhere It's difficult to tell the difference in a picture like this, or in a dream 
Anyway as I later realised the goat was most likely an aspect of myself

The image of the it, he or she goat will be making a formal appearance in my next project The decision led me to find out more about the expression 'a silly goat' (I have a memory of hearing it applied to someone I knew - perhaps I was the recipient) But if I were - and might well be again - I found comfort in the following words from the Urban dictionary

Here they are: 

silly goat

The cutest thing you've ever seen Usually referring to a significant other. Usually solicits many "awwws" from others because it is so darn cute

Dude you must really love your girlfriend yeah, she's my silly goat, my everything. 
The words I found there also gave me the transformative title for this post 
As for what the goat was doing or representing in the dream I am reluctant to contemplate but I can admit to having grown fonder of it since we recently met up again

PS* I changed the image from one goat to two after thinking why not give it a pal

PPS Then I changed the image again after some more thinking