Monday 29 May 2017


It would be good to get to a place where I can genuinely believe in what I am doing And I'm glad to say I got another push in that direction from a man called Trevor Krueger who contacted me after listening to KISS DEEP

Below is some information about him and about his interests and his work

And here are some quotes from his emails to me 

'It's always exciting to meet a "real" musician who writes with integrity and no apparent gimmick to sell, just real creativity, emitting naturally, like expelled breath'

'I shall play three of your tracks as featured artiste across the two hour show. I seem to be enjoying good listener numbers so you will certainly reach people who, like me, have not encountered your songs before. That can only be a good thing...'

There were other pleasing comments which I am unable to keep to myself and here's three of them 'You are an interesting enigma!' 'Your talent and style is quite unique and very interesting' and 'I'll be playing your tracks on my show again that's for definite'

And this can surely not be bettered 'I hope to help you at least a little'

Which leads me to the title of this post: I came across the word dude in relation to the term 'a silly goat' (see the previous post) and I have grown very fond of it Needless to say, since coming across Trevor, I have also been growing fond of him and hope this and my thanks to him are being conveyed in these comments