Tuesday 21 October 2014


First off I find a very old newspaper cutting. I try unsuccessfully to straighten it and am perplexed why it is wonky.

Then I look for the songs I performed at the THIRD EYE on the occasion mentioned and chose to listen to the track WHEN I SAY YOU OWE ME NOTHING. I like it enough to request the opinion of 'others' and depending on what they say the song will either get cleaned up as an acoustic only track or get dressed up a bit for getting out and about.
The lyrics are by JOAN URE. I wrote the tune. The song was used in a radio play The Vital Witness: a radio tribute to the author and playwright Joan Ure written by Alasdair Gray and produced by BBC Radio Scotland in 1979
Below is the newspaper cutting.

And here is a photograph of JOAN URE. It is taken from the cover of her book FIVE SHORT PLAYS

The song has been much improved by the guys at www.cavasound.com with the assistance of Fraser Spiers on harmonica. It is a rather rushed through live performance which can be heard on Bandcamp at https://sheilakcameron.bandcamp.com/track/when-i-say-you-owe-me-nothing