Thursday 22 January 2015


There was a previous post about the apple tree song. This has now been deleted but the comments from it are repeated below.

Some new lyrics have acquired a tune and have become a sort of spoken word and hum along song. It is now in need of some additional sounds. And I am on the hunt for them. Meanwhile, as they may never arrive I am putting the song out there on Bandcamp. I could of course wait but while I am continuing to enjoy the song the option of being patient has no appeal. 

I was not sure until today where the song was heading but I now feel it is at least on its way somewhere. 

And as I do not have an image to go with it I am using a rough version of an old one. Here it is. And I have been told the apple looks more like a deflated balloon. How appropriate is that. 

What follows is an update 

Some additional sounds were added to the song but they did not work out as had been hoped for. For me they interfered with the simplicity of the track. But the song was mastered and this revised version has replaced the old one on Bandcamp. And who knows there may be another mix - and a better one - further down the line

The mastered version of the words can be heard on Bandcamp at
The lyrics are also there and on the blog at