Monday 12 January 2015


I recently and unexpectedly came upon another of the songs I used to sing. I was looking for a different 'past love' and there it was.  I had completely forgotten about it. It is a shanty and I think it is lovely. And, as with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, I have tried to record it. 

I did lots of takes but have now settled on one of them. There are several quakey bits and I could keep trying to get a better version. My guitar playing would certainly benefit - but I have decided to move on -  perhaps to the song I was initially looking for.

As to what will happen next there are, at present, two possibilities. It will receive a backing from a musician I trust or else - if he chooses not to work with it - I will get it mastered as an acoustic only track and put it out there - somehow and somewhere. 

As soon as I know more about its fate I will post it here.