Thursday 22 January 2015


It was a long time ago that the first of my songs were professionally mastered. There were four of them in the group I sent in to a local studio. Since then other versions of the songs have been included in other selections.

I was reminded of their existence this morning when searching for a song called THIS IS NO WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING. I found a version of it in a small selection which has always been referred to as FOUR SONGS. I decided to put this on Bandcamp with the tracks sounding just as they did when I received them from the Cava Studios in Glasgow. 

The image I am using is from a painting called Empty Chair. It fits with the song No Way to Spend an Evening - but not with the others. The Bandcamp site requires it to be cropped but here I can use full copy of the original. It was also a long time ago that the painting had been photographed. I rescanned it this morning hoping to improve the quality.

The four songs are no longer on Bandcamp