Wednesday 15 April 2015


This track has been improved and will not be changed again - by me. 
The vocal which was previously described as a bit thin is now proudly on the fat side.

It remains where it was before on Bandcamp - and the link is the same. I will repeat it here for anyone who can't be bothered to look for it. I certainly often cannot be bothered looking for links, clicking on links and getting links sent for me to click on.

The image on Bandcamp has also been changed. The dull border has been removed and the photograph of the child with the dog has been cropped to fit the requirements of the site (a minimum of 700 x 700 pixels is advocated) 

This has been achieved by having two blocks of black down the sides of the image to square it off. These of course do no show against the black background of the Bandcamp site. That does not apply on this one. An exact copy is included below