Monday 24 July 2017


PLEASE NOTE Long before that man(iac) in the United States appointed a Mr Scaramucci (sometimes referred to as the MOOCH) to be his Director of Communications I had a page on my web site which used the title of this post 

The evidence for this can be located in the following link

I would not like anyone to think there was any connection, however remote, between me and either the employer or the employee

Thursday 20 July 2017


Based on an email I received recently Val Baker (see below) was using one of my songs on her show As she referred to having received a copy of Kiss Deep I am assuming it is one of the tracks from that CD

I did locate a link to the Radio Station SOURCE FM at but could not find which song she used

Nevertheless it is good to know that something or other was getting played as far south as Cornwall


But from their site I did discover the following information about Val and if I find out anything else I will add it to this post
Val has a fine pedigree as a musician and singer in Cornwall and has a lifelong love of music of all genres.
A Falmouth lass born and bred, it is a dream come true for her to play DJ every week on the Source. Her show ‘Musical recipes’ is a mix of many different genres, but you can always expect something to get your feet tapping, something to tug at your heartstrings and something to put a smile on your face. With smatterings of info and wit ( Guess who wrote this!!) between tracks this show is always fun. We are amazed that she hasn't won any awards!! So is she…..Ha Ha Ha!!