Monday 29 May 2017


It would be good to get to a place where I can genuinely believe in what I am doing And I'm glad to say I got another push in that direction from a man called Trevor Krueger who contacted me after listening to KISS DEEP

Below is some information about him and about his interests and his work

And here are some quotes from his emails to me 

'It's always exciting to meet a "real" musician who writes with integrity and no apparent gimmick to sell, just real creativity, emitting naturally, like expelled breath'

'I shall play three of your tracks as featured artiste across the two hour show. I seem to be enjoying good listener numbers so you will certainly reach people who, like me, have not encountered your songs before. That can only be a good thing...'

There were other pleasing comments which I am unable to keep to myself and here's three of them 'You are an interesting enigma!' 'Your talent and style is quite unique and very interesting' and 'I'll be playing your tracks on my show again that's for definite'

And this can surely not be bettered 'I hope to help you at least a little'

Which leads me to the title of this post: I came across the word dude in relation to the term 'a silly goat' (see the previous post) and I have grown very fond of it Needless to say, since coming across Trevor, I have also been growing fond of him and hope this and my thanks to him are being conveyed in these comments

Monday 22 May 2017


The seventh re-issue will be of spoken word tracks only and is supposed to illustrate a bit more of the range of material which has been produced during this (described previously as a) preoccupation with song writing

Some of the tracks are not at all like lyrics but most of them began with a first line that could have led anywhere Some of the tracks which in future might be made into songs have been removed but a few still remain 

The tracks are presently being mastered and the images which will be used for the digi sleeve have been decided on But rather than use any of those in this post the image below is merely an associate of the chosen ones 

Except to say that the subject of getting chosen can be a sore one so this goat image has been informed that it was chosen specially for here

From a painting by SKC which, in part, features on the album 
And in amongst the text which is being used on the cover is a caution: I like cautions Indeed I wish i had had more of them - and been willing to pay attention to more of them The one for the album says - and I quote

 'if you are one of the lucky ones for whom love worked out well the words on this double album may not be for you'

Tuesday 16 May 2017


From Sap to Silly Goat and then who knows

But here's a little goat* from a painting I made after a dream in which I had met him - or it may have been a her- on a road somewhere It's difficult to tell the difference in a picture like this, or in a dream 
Anyway as I later realised the goat was most likely an aspect of myself

The image of the it, he or she goat will be making a formal appearance in my next project The decision led me to find out more about the expression 'a silly goat' (I have a memory of hearing it applied to someone I knew - perhaps I was the recipient) But if I were - and might well be again - I found comfort in the following words from the Urban dictionary

Here they are: 

silly goat

The cutest thing you've ever seen Usually referring to a significant other. Usually solicits many "awwws" from others because it is so darn cute

Dude you must really love your girlfriend yeah, she's my silly goat, my everything. 
The words I found there also gave me the transformative title for this post 
As for what the goat was doing or representing in the dream I am reluctant to contemplate but I can admit to having grown fonder of it since we recently met up again

PS* I changed the image from one goat to two after thinking why not give it a pal

PPS Then I changed the image again after some more thinking 

Saturday 13 May 2017


This song will be played on Women of Substance Radio, as shown on the image below, from May 15th to the 19th
I submitted it to the station when songs about Mothers were being asked for 

The bird I was talking to was in the trees alongside THE PEOPLES PALACE in GLASGOW GREEN as I was walking to work in the East End of the City The phrase, hello singing bird, is one I repeat frequently to other birds singing in other places at other times - usually early in the morning

The song is out there somewhere on a CD It is an acoustic only track which was not well recorded and several attempts have been made to clean it up a bit 
It can also be heard on my main web site at

The following link will take you to information about the PALACE,_Glasgow

Wednesday 10 May 2017


Not sure what an 'emerging' artist should feel like but for now I can exaggerate and say it reminds me of stepping out of a warm sea onto a warm beach and being wrapped up in a warm towel by a warm lover

And if I refrain from exaggerating I can say that it feels good - almost as good as the 'stranger' experience  For anyone who has not heard of this before it refers to the pleasure of discovering that a total stranger has come across one of my tracks - has liked what they heard and has then told me so

I can also admit to getting a bump from seeing Where the Pebbles Grind and Scrape under the heading Bumper Music It is all a bit much to accommodate on an otherwise ordinary day in Glasgow Also, how I came to be getting aired on this station was not engineered, as far as I know, by me 

The description which follows was taken from their site at 

Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 600 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners. With hosts George NooryGeorge Knapp (weekend), and guest weekend hosts, it is the most listened to overnight radio program in North America.

PS The song is the second track on the album MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD and it can heard on Bandcamp at