Friday 25 November 2022


 I’m working on a song that undoubtedly came from my own circumstances but they are nothing compared to what others are experiencing about the place they belong. 

I’m not sure yet whether it will receive the kind of arrangement which will make it more likely to get heard. But I have been once more neglecting this site and thought this song was worth a mention. 

The title is THE BACK THERE BLUES. And I expect to have more to say about it soon.

Wednesday 12 October 2022


There was a link to this blog on the home page of the web site at It used the original image which was a collage of SO SAID THE SAP . But the home page was looking a bit cluttered so it will soon be found on its own page on the site. And that page may need to get dressed up a bit with some further information. 

Thursday 1 September 2022


The words were written and recorded with some of it sung and much of it spoken. I got it mastered by genius Geoff Allan as an acoustic only track but also put it out to be worked on. It was worked on by Brian J McNeill formerly of China Crisis and is available to be listened to on BANDCAMP and on my web site at It has been played by Iain Anderson on his Radio Scotland program and is on the playlist of RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL 

 The pleasurable times are those which come with completing the words and getting a nearly complete idea of how the song might sound. All the rest is unsettling - verging on the excruciating. But now it is finished and out there I have not yet tired of it. That’s a good sign for me. I hope others will listen several times and feel the same.

Friday 13 May 2022

An Audience of One

 Today May13th 2022 I uploaded a very small selection of spoken words to one of my main sites at Two of the tracks are about sadness and loss and I make no apology for that. It is saddening to wake each day to hear and know more about all the awful things that are happening in the Ukraine. 

The fourth track is more hopeful and I may re-record it sometime soon. It is entitled GOOD REAPS GOOD. The four tracks are free to download.