Friday 6 April 2018

SKC and the WIZARD of WOS

Over a period of several years I have submitted songs to WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE RADIO STATION and PODCASTS at and some of them have been played and included in their Podcasts  These now 
number over 770 and they can all be accessed at*

My most recent submission was the song MY LOVE IS VELVET and it may have been Bree Noble's* comment that she 'loved it' which set me off thinking I might put together a Women of Substance selection of songs The thinking was that the songs which WOS had chosen to play would have a certain je ne said quoi about them - and any selection was likely to be different from any that I or others might compile

The selection is now complete Entitled THOSE THEY CHOSE it has been professionally prepared and fine tuned for the selection and it can be heard and purchased on Bandcamp at

* Bree Noble is the Founder and CEO of WOS and for a direct link to find out more about WOS go to

P.S  At the time of revising this post a CD of the selection of tracks is also being produced