Wednesday 28 December 2016


A FRASER SPIER'S version of the song I'VE WAITED A LONG TIME has been added to ALONE ON THE ROAD as a BONUS track

It should have been included in the original selection and if anyone who has purchased the album would like a copy it can be freely provided via Dropbox = or in some other way?

To hear it and decide if it is worth the bother please visit the link at and let me know at 

Tuesday 13 December 2016


Yesterday an old recording of a Joan Ure lyric appeared from within the mass of unsorted Dropbox files As I say elsewhere, the lyric is one of several which Betty (the name she used when I knew her) gave me to work on - at a time when I was beginning to write my own songs 

Entitled EVERY TIME NOW it has now been professionally mastered to remove extraneous sounds and scratches and has been uploaded as a small single acoustic track on Bandcamp 

The link is

It will be there because, having been rediscovered, I know how much Joan Ure would like it to be there

Owner unknown - used without permission

Joan Ure was the pen name of Elizabeth Thoms Clark (22 June 1918 – 1978), a Scottish poet and playwright. She was born Elizabeth (Betty) Thoms Carswell on 22 June 1918 in Wallsend, Tyneside, of Scottish parents who moved to Glasgow. Her sister Joan provided the first half of her pen-name. The pen-name Ure was chosen because it sounded more Scottish to her.


The release of ALONE ON THE ROAD was unavoidably delayed until December 14th It can now be found on Bandcamp at

The response to MORE LIKE A RIVER has been reassuring (see below)

PS The above review was sent to me some time ago 
It appeared this morning in amongst some previously uploaded images and is being posted while still warm

Sunday 11 December 2016


Anyone familiar with the comments on this blog will know of my delight when an 'inadvertent stranger' hears one (or more) of my songs and has a positive response

And of all the various possible responses this kind takes the biscuit - which reminds me that the song which brought this particular stranger to my door was arranged by 'the biscuits' (aka Mags Russell and John Saich of The song is THE HOUSE WITH THE WINDOWS

Also from 'the stranger' came the title for this post: well not directly from him but from a pal he had invited (not sure if it would be his cup of tea) to have a listen to some of my material And it was the pal who had described it as 'Earl Grey with a twist of lemon'

But that is not all: the stranger (who is becoming less of one every day) first heard the song on the Iain Anderson Show and followed up by contacting the program and saying so And the song may be played again next week 

The link to the show is

The song, which belongs on the small CD MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD can be heard on Bandcamp at