Wednesday 19 August 2015


Perhaps this spoken word track is more of a story than a song 
Entitled NOT ALWAYS SAFE TO TOUCH it is very new and has now been uploaded to Bandcamp 

The link is

The image is of a real bear with soft dark fur - as mentioned in the words 

                            Real bear with soft dark fur - as in a dream                      
The words were written down in the dark several nights ago and as such they feel more like a gift than something I made up
But I am glad to have got them The only change I made to the words I received was to omit two of them

Later they were recorded on the portable recorder which I have been trying to negotiate since I bought it several years ago And then they were professionally mastered 

This was my first attempt to produce a track of reasonable quality using this particular machine

The title is not set in stone and the words for the track can be found in the next post which uses the alternative of the THE BEAR THE BIRD LOVE AND THE RAIN