Saturday 15 August 2015



This is the house that belonged to the Scotsman who inspired the song Mr Moon It has apparently been owned by many different people since he decided to return to his native land - and to Edinburgh, the town where he was born, in the late 1980's (?)

The song has been played often on several different radio stations and there is a lyric video on you tube at 
Also in that version - during the playing of the bridge - there are some words about Alex and an experience he had during the Second World War

They are similar to those which are presented below

This song was written for Alex Rutherford, a Scotsman I knew in Canada, who had fought in Africa during the Second World War After being given the task of shovelling his best friend out of a blown up tank he found himself standing alone in the desert addressing the moon which was particularly clear that night. From then on whenever life was hard for him he would tell the moon about it

There are two versions of the track and both were arranged at a studio in Glasgow Scotland One of them features Fraser Spiers on blues harp and I continue to feel honoured that he agreed to work on this song as well as several others

The version without Fraser is the fifth track on the CD CUT FEET AND EMPTY SHOES and if you would like to try it out the link is

And now having relocated the Fraser Spiers version this has been up-loaded onto Bandcamp separately as a single The link for this one is