Thursday 20 August 2015


The words below belong with the spoken word track - alternatively titled in a previous post as - NOT ALWAYS SAFE TO TOUCH

There's a bear across the river
Eating berries from a bush
If you rush to the kitchen window
You will see him 
I feel I could touch
His soft dark fur
If I reached out but
I must remember
It's not always safe to touch

It isn't safe to touch
Isn't always safe to touch
I would like to reach out but
It's not always safe to touch

There's a very small bird
Feeding from a flower
And if you rush to the kitchen window
You might see it before the shower
Of rain which is falling
Chases it away
Small birds when it's raining
Are inclined to fly away

There's love in my heart
As I tell you all this
A love that wasn't wanted
Less of real and more of myth

There's sadness in my soul
As I exit from this scene
Close my eyes to its beauty
Go back deep into my dream

That one day I will find again
The courage to be free
Of mistaking the real
In what I see

There's a light in the sky now
The rain has gone
And if you rush to be here with me
You'll hear my latest song
Which will tell you I m trying hard
To see what can be seen
And leave the rest to fade away
Fade into that dream
Of thinking that the hurts of old
Can always be healed
Can always through love 
Be mended and healed

There's a place in my heart that
Will always be for you
And if you rush to be beside me here
You'll see that it is true

As true as the bird
As the bear
As the rain
As true as I can 
never be
As lost in love again

The bear the bird 
Love and the rain
If you don't get here soon
They'll all have gone away