Wednesday 31 December 2014


On receiving the mastered track of FIRST TIME EVER from Cava and before heading out West in August 2014 I decided to send it in to IAIN ANDERSON of RADIO SCOTLAND. The link to his site is

The photograph below is of Iain Anderson at work

In my letter to him, along with the comments from Bandcamp quoted elsewhere, I also said

'To have recorded this beautiful song might be considered by some an audacious act. But it did not happen like that'.

Iain played the track on his program on two occasions and I continue to be delighted that he did.

Apart from the track having been considered good enough to be used this was the first time for a long time that I had played guitar, recorded a song and used Audacity. It was also a simple acoustic recording which encouraged the notion that I might make more of a similar kind.

Iain Anderson has used some of my material on his program over a period of five years and there is no doubt he has had a major and very positive influence on my work.

A list of the songs he has played can be found on a page of my web site at