Thursday 14 April 2016


Now available at of tracks that will bring to a conclusion the task previously described as THE 70 SIFT

PART ONE was given the title SO EASY TO PLEASE and PART TWO is entitled MAKING MUD The image to accompany the selection features the So Easy to Please dog along with the Less Easy to please song writer 

It was contrived from a scanned version of a collage made from a crop of a cropped photograph of a painting with some cut out bits of paper added 

For anyone who is interested - a reminder 
THE 70 SIFT consisted of seventy very variable tracks recorded over the years on a variety of machines Those which have survived the selection process - approximately 40 - have been given a wash and brush up 

But there never had been any intention to try to transform them into more than a sample of my earlier attempts at song writing And there was always an acceptance that the finished product might be of more interest to me than to anyone else Obviously I would prefer not to be the only one

With PART ONE I chose to leave the tracks in alphabetical order This avoided trying to order them in a way that would perhaps improve the overall listening experience But there was one exception -SHALL WE GO TO MEXICO - with a dog bark at the end - was moved out of line to become the final track 

And a similar adjustment is being made to the order of the tracks in PART TWO This time the moving and concluding track will be WHEN I GET UP TOMORROW