Monday 22 May 2017


The seventh re-issue will be of spoken word tracks only and is supposed to illustrate a bit more of the range of material which has been produced during this (described previously as a) preoccupation with song writing

Some of the tracks are not at all like lyrics but most of them began with a first line that could have led anywhere Some of the tracks which in future might be made into songs have been removed but a few still remain 

The tracks are presently being mastered and the images which will be used for the digi sleeve have been decided on But rather than use any of those in this post the image below is merely an associate of the chosen ones 

Except to say that the subject of getting chosen can be a sore one so this goat image has been informed that it was chosen specially for here

From a painting by SKC which, in part, features on the album 
And in amongst the text which is being used on the cover is a caution: I like cautions Indeed I wish i had had more of them - and been willing to pay attention to more of them The one for the album says - and I quote

 'if you are one of the lucky ones for whom love worked out well the words on this double album may not be for you'