Tuesday 22 May 2018


When I used to perform in public it was always much easier if the words and music or both were not mine And I have experienced a similar pleasure working on this selection of tracks Although most of the songs were written by me and I recorded them, the fact that they were chosen by others has allowed me to feel somewhat distanced from them 

The selection is presently available for streaming and download and as a CD on Bandcamp at https://sheilakcameron.bandcamp.com/album/those-they-chosehttps://sheilakcameron.bandcamp.com/album/those-they-chose 
It also now features on the new site at https://skcsongs.com/those-they-chose

Cover of the CD: SKC and the WOS Icon  

With the seven re-issues there was a sense that a major task had been completed These songs most of which can be found on the previous CDs are more of a sample from what's gone before than a continuation 

The first track, AS YOU WRAPPED THE STRING AROUND ME, belongs to Glasgow and the last one, WHERE THE LAST TIDE RUNS was written in Tlell on Haida Gwaii Those in between belong to various times and places They have, however, all been specially remastered for the occasion 

The musicians magicians and technicians who enhanced them as they made their way from basic acoustic tracks to something more include in first name alphabetical order: Brian McNeil (of China Crisis) Brian Young (of Cava Studios Glasgow) Fraser Spiers, Geoff Allan, Jennifer Clark and John Saich - along with Mags Russell (of Wild Biscuit Music)