Tuesday 26 May 2015


Someone I have never met before* purchased two of my tracks yesterday. He also suggested I occupied a niche. And that was pleasing. But there was more! He was complimentary about the combination of the Fraser Spiers blues harp and my voice - which set me up for the day. 

He also said he would have been glad if - for ease of access and download - more of the single tracks had been available in in one selection He was not looking for a less expensive option and later advised, if I should go ahead with the move, not to make it free

And that is where the nudge came from. I had been seriously considering gathering in some of the tracks which are on Bandcamp as singles and had not previously been used on a CD or other selection - and I am now working on this

As yet I have not decided on a title or the image to use and the main problem, as I perceive it just now, is how varied the tracks are in type and treatment They certainly will not go together as might birds of like feather

But if it works out reasonably well I will put the tracks onto a CD 

* I asked the stranger if he would mind me posting the above comments but have not yet received a reply. I am boldly going ahead without it

I am also awaiting some advice from Bandcamp about the easiest way to combine the tracks - other than the arduous way I can easily envisage