Friday 22 May 2015


Having now acquired two different versions of the song WITH YOU IN MY LIFE I have chosen what I consider is a convenient way of making them both available. And, as an afterthought, I have added the original acoustic track and given them the title of WITH YOU IN MY LIFE x3 

The text below also accompanies the songs on Bandcamp at

Version 1 is my initial attempt to record the song and give it a bit more 'depth' with some rough and ready overdubbing using Audacity.  It was subsequently mastered by Geoff Allan of Cava Sound Glasgow

Version 2 is an arrangement by Jennifer Clark.Jennifer was also responsible for the arrangement for The Water is Deep and will hopefully be working on other tracks of mine in future.  More about her can be found on the web site at 

Version 3 is an arrangement by Brian McNeill who was responsible for some of the tracks on my CD Cut Feet and Empty Shoes. The treatment he provided was unexpected. I have been referring to it as the colliery band version. 

The image on Bandcamp of my hero NY is there without permission but I am in the process of seeking it

Along with this selection is the image of my hero Neil Young. It is being used without permission but I am in the process of seeking it. I do however remain under his influence and this will hopefully increase over the coming months