Friday 22 May 2015


This track is unlike the others that are on Bandcamp (and elsewhere)

The arrangement is by Jennifer Clark, who plays keyboards, bass guitar and percussion. She also mixed and mastered it.
The initial vocal and guitar recording came from my back catalogue and some restoration work was required. For this Jennifer sought the assistance of a friend and professional colleague Eddie MacArthur of Stealth Studios at
Jennifer's website is at

Jennifer is advising that you use headphones to listen to the track

The link to hearing it on Bandcamp is

A CD of this track as a single is being considered and if it does happen the image for the insert will probably be taken from a photograph provided by Isabel Whyte. It is of waves crashing in over the rocks south of Balaphuil Beach on Tiree. It will be similar to the one below

The image on Bandcamp, which is cropped from an old painting of mine entitled Tiree Landscape, will remain for now. The piece of land it features is real and familiar and was revisited not long ago. For those who know Tiree it is on Gott Bay. Standing in front of the Lodge Hotel and looking towards the sea it is about a hundred yards along the road to the left.