Sunday 4 October 2015


Heard the whistle blowing couldn't see the train BUT

The desire to leave the sap behind did not materialise It refused to leave and we have since grown fonder of each other Not getting left undoubtedly played a part

One might also say that once a sap always a sap - to some degree or other - and I am choosing to go with that

There will be therefore (after all the ramblings have ceased) a plain PART TWO of the SO SAID THE SAP blog 

Its considered (but rejected) replacement - a sapless blog entitled UNSAPPED at - will continue to exist although its exact purpose has yet to be divined There is a pleasing post on there for starters 

The site (which was a replacement for both SAPSCRAPS and LYRICSALLSORTS) - will continue to take on the overflow and other stuff not considered suitable for the main blog 

Several transfers between the existing sites have been made The hope is that no more will be indicated or required

Two other blogs are also still in existence - with no thoughts about removing them now or in future They have not been involved in recent considerations
One is song related and is at
The other which is associated with my other work is at

About the book of the blog. I now have a black and white copy and have decided to put it aside as a record of before proceeding to make radical changes to the PDF of the content. The intention is to produce a much smaller book of the blog - this time with coloured images