Sunday 18 October 2015


The following comments might be of interest to those who enjoy trying to make sense of other peoples shenanigans If you are not that kind of person I would strongly advise that you avoid them

For me they are required reading! i.e apart from reminding me about what I have been doing I frequently do not know what I will be doing next until I see it written down

As fast and as briefly as possible then - and as a prelude - with a bit of luck - to something other

The black and white printed version of the Blog Book was followed by the printing of a more slender coloured version Reflecting my response to them both I may - if time and inclination coincide - produce a much better edited and formatted third version

The tortuous formatting of the Blog Book left me wondering why I had decided to make a book - other than I thought it was a nice idea - and that the site might disappear for some scary technical reason which would be upsetting - for a while anyway

The post entitled
LIFE AND CARR'S BISCUITS needs to be brought back  to the main blog where it originally belonged  The criteria for what gets included have been vague and changeable with only hints of the rational The intention is to improve on this

It was good to find I wasn't the only person who liked the words of THE BEAR, THE BIRD, LOVE AND THE RAIN For a while I thought they were the best thing I had written and - and that can be viewed as a decidedly sapless assertion  
I continue to hope more people will listen to them They can be heard on Bandcamp at 

As confessed in an earlier post I had got carried away with my liking for the title LYRICS ALL SORTS - but establishing it as a separate blog had only caused confusion for me and others However before leaving it for ever I realised I was reluctant to delete its accompanying image and along with these ramblings it has been reinstated- see below


Which brings me to the continuing need for a supplementary repository for posts which do not fit the rather nebulous criteria used for the main blog 
I am continuing to equivocate between SAPLESS at and SAPONTHESIDE at  One or both of them will indeed be needed for those posts which are (or soon will be) on the loose or in need of a home 

To conclude the ramblings: after multiple detours the new train - hopefully having off loaded some of its more sap scarred baggage on the way - should be coming round the bend soon