Sunday 4 October 2015


The decision to make a book of the blog and begin a PART TWO brought with it a strong desire to rid myself of the sap epithet and to modify the tone of my comments - particularly in relation to how I presented my songs and other material

There were two main threads then to the desired changes - the essentially practical and the more personal

And over recent days, in preparation for continuing with the blog as a PART TWO, I have been rummaging around in search of a satisfying arrangement in both respects

During that process I stopped off for a while in several different stations but - to stay with a train analogy (and there is no special reason for choosing this except a liking for trains) - I never felt that I had reached the desired destination 

This post is meant to herald a possible remedy for the situation - this will involve extracting the essentials of what was discovered at each of those stopovers and coalescing them into a coherent plan of action

The ramblings from those recent stopovers may be combined in one rambling post and be made available to anyone interested in  . . . . .ramblings