Monday 19 October 2015


And further on round the bend: it could be that its all coming together - and about time Or it could be that it's all about to come apart  - again!

But before saying more about what the next move might be some further clearing of the tracks is required And most of the debris which has been spread around in ways that have impeded progress has come from the attempts to establish a blog to augment the main one - and with a name that depicts content but that also feels right

Had I succeeded in finding a suitable one I would not be writing this post

Those which were tried - and have now lost - were SAPSCRAPS, SAPONTHE SIDE and UNSAPPED 

There were reasons for choosing each one but as time passed their appropriateness gradually waned and the reasons for not using them increased e.g. with SAPSCRAPS some of the posts I wanted on there were not scraps 
With SAPONTHESIDE it had unpleasant connotations and I grew weary of the reminder
And with UNSAPPED - it had come from a strong desire to leave the Sap behind but, as explained on the blog (soon to be removed), the condition of being unsapped had been viewed as more aspirational than achievable  - and anyway as said elsewhere we had grown fond of each other Being unsapped was no longer desirable

Which brings me to the newly proposed supplementary blog which - wait for it - I certainly have - is to be called SAPASIDES! Nothing spectacular there then
But it could be THE ONE And if it is it will herald the beginning of a fresh approach to - well to something or other One keeps hoping

And it does arrives with the genuine hope that it will stay around for a while It also puts to bed - and do I love that phrase - any thoughts of replacing SOSAIDTHESAP in the near future - or even much further down the line

PS I do have a small song which was recalled after making recent comments about a fondness for trains It is entitled You Are the Train Driver and is about to become the first new item on 

Along with it will be any posts which are on the loose from the other redundant blogs